Past GREAT Race Winners

Over the years, a great rivalry has taken place among Abbott’s long-time customers… to WIN the distinction of being the first customer of the season! Here are past winning customers!

From Northvale, New Jersey
Distance: ~125 miles
Driving Time: ~ 2 hours & 30 minutes!

Jim and Pat left their home in Northvale, NJ at 5am opening day to win the race! When asked if it was worth it Pat answered, “Look at our faces! We had a ball and the food was delicious too!”

Jim & Pat Keegan


2014 WINNER:
From DePere, Wisconsin
Distance: ~1125 miles
Driving Time: ~ 17 hours & 10 minutes!

Was in town for work–related business, and came to Abbott’s at the suggestion of a friend, who owns a seafood restaurant in WI! Bill was pleasantly surprised to be given the honor of First Place, and graciously agreed to be interviewed by WTNH.

Bill Lehmbeck


From Old Saybrook, CT (MIke) & West Haven, CT (Joe)
Driving Time: ~ :35 minutes

Mike Urban is the author of ‘Lobster Shacks: A Road Guide to New England’s Best Lobster Joints and a friend, Joe, decided to make the trek to Abbott’s for opening day. Mike graciously offered a signed copy of his book to our 1st place winner!

Mike Urban, Joe Fetteron


From Ashford, CT
Distance: ~ 48 miles
Driving Time: ~ approx an hour & a half

‘We’ve been coming to Abbott’s since about 1970! We come here for different summer events (birthdays, anniversary, etc … and, of course, Opening Day!”

Robert & Lorraine Foster

2013_12013 WINNERS:
From Southington CT
Distance: ~69 miles
Driving Time: ~ an hour & 15 mins

Happened to travel to Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough… not realizing that they’d be the FIRST CUSTOMERS for 2013! They were pleasantly surprised to be given the honour of First Place, and graciously agreed to be interviewed by WTNH.

Cliff & Nancy Kroeber


2012_first_sm2012 WINNERS:
From Hartford, CT.
Distance: ~60 miles
Driving Time: ~ just over an hour

Arrived on Wednesday – two days ahead of opening day! They set up camp – in the rain! – and spent two nights awaiting the Friday noon opening!

Alison & Benjamin Fernandez and Georgina & Jake Williamson


2012_second_sm2012 SECOND PLACE:
From River Edge, NJ
Distance: ~ 134 miles
Driving Time: ~ almost 3 hours’Once you eat a lobster at Abbott’s, you can’t enjoy a lobster anywhere else! That’s why we love coming to Abbott’s Lobster!’

The Aiello family: Jim, Rose, Lisa & Jim


2012_third_sm2012 THIRD PLACE:
From Maggie Valley, NC
Distance: ~ 854 miles
Driving Time: ~ 15 hoursThe couple that travelled the furtherest for the 2012 Opening Day!!!

Della and Gary Foster


2012_honor_sm2012 HONORABLE MENTION:
Paul Maursov
Our loyal and local patrons are our pride and joy at Abbott’s, just as much as our lobster lovers who travel far and wide! Paul is from East Lyme, and dines at Abbott’s throughout the season, but makes it a goal to dine on Opening Day AND Closing Day, too!


lynch_sm2011 WINNERS:
From Bridgewater, CT.
Distance: ~98 miles
Driving Time: ~2 hours
Arrived on Wednesday – two days ahead of opening day! An extra special reason to arrive first — It was Courtney’s 16th birthday!

The Lynch Family


2010racewinner2010 WINNERS:
From West Hartford, CT
Distance: ~60 miles
Driving Time: ~1 hour 15 minutes
Arrived at 10 am on Thursday
a full day ahead of opening

Dave Volpe and Dan Young


09racewinner2009 WINNERS:
From Philadelphia, PA.
Distance: ~230 miles
Driving Time: ~4 hours
These fellows arrived in Abbott’s parking lot at 2AM!! “We changed the way the race is won!” – Ned Rock

Left to Right:
Justice Mannino, John Tomkins, Ned Rock


09second2009 SECOND PLACE:
From Bridgewater, CT.
Distance: ~98 miles
Driving Time: ~2 hours
Arrived at 5AM!!

The Lynch Family
Left to Right:
Courtney, Debbie, Tyler & Keane


09show2009 THIRD PLACE:
From Hartford, CT.
Distance: ~60 miles
Driving Time: ~1 hour
Arrived at 6AM!!

Left to Right:
Ali Hunnicut, Benjamin Fernandez & Jake Williamson
Ali and Benjamin will be holding their wedding rehearsal dinner here at Abbott’s in September. Jake will be the Best Man. Congratulations!!


08racewinner2008 WINNER:
Rose & Jim Aiello
River Edge, NJ.
Abbotts opening day 2008 coincided with Jims 60th birthday. Naturally, he wanted a special treat to celebrate the grand occasion. So..he a Rose left their NJ home and made the 130 mile 2½ hour drive to Noank in order to try for being customer #1. They made it! Congratulations Rose & Jim!


phyllis082008 PLACE:
Ms. Phyllis Lapuc.
Noank, CT

One of our very favorite long time customers, Phyllis, despite being in recovery from major surgery, trekked from the other side of Noank to win 2nd place in this years great race! Congratulations Phyllis!


08place2008 SHOW:
Smith-McArdle group
All residents of the local area.

Hail, Hail, the gangs all here! The Smith-McArdles captured the show position in this years race. Congratulations to all of you!


07winners2007 WINNERS:
Steve & Arlene Schwartz
Fort Lee, NJ


07second2007 PLACE:
Valerie & Victoria Ryan
West Nyack, NY


07show2007 SHOW:
Vin & Judy Pesce,
Craig & Janet Thomas
Hamden, CT